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Reviews & Testimonials

Committed to our community

From your family to ours

We're humbled by the heartfelt messages we receive from the families we've served. These messages aren't just kind words—they're real stories that show our dedication to providing support when it's needed most. They offer a genuine insight into what we strive for—making a difficult time a little bit easier.

Past memorials

“Paige and Melanie executed details that I would have thought to be impossible. At such a difficlut time they made things so simple and nice in the time frame we wished! Beautiful service and intimate graveside ceremony with caisson horse drawn carriage.”

Author: Aimee Clift rated with 5 stars
Heartfelt Reviews

The Brent Taylor and Paul McCarver Funeral Directors difference

“I have known Chris Thomas, the director of family services, for a while now. he is a great guy who will take care of you in your time of need. He is very knowledgeable and sensitive to the needs of the people that need him. you can call him secure in the knowledge that he will take care of you.”

Author:David Bensman rated with 5 stars of 5

“Chris and Mark gave amazing service during our families time of need. I’ve heard Chris Thomas speak so many times in reference to the importance of pre-planning your funeral and it couldn’t be more true in our case. Everything was taken care of for our family member and we didn’t have to make any hard or financial decision during a time of grief as it was already taken care of. Mark was also wonderful with suggestions and directing the service so we could grieve and be with our family. I couldn’t be more thankful for them and impressed by the level of care and service.”

Author:Lauren Vanlonkhuysen rated with 5 stars of 5

“No one enjoys discussing their plans for funeral arrangements, but Mr. Thomas made the process of making these decisions easy to understand. He was professional and pleasant throughout the process. Thank you Mr. Thomas for helping us take care our plans so that one day our kids don’t have to make those difficult decisions.”

Author:Kimberly Odom rated with 5 stars of 5

“The hardest days of our lives were handled with the most compassionate and professional people. From preplanning to execution of the services and burial, we were taken care of. Chris, Melanie, Mark and Paul were there every step and handled every detail. From choosing the perfect casket to gifting us the best ink pens for our thank you notes. Wouldn’t change a single thing about the entire process!!”

Author:Cheryl Potter rated with 5 stars of 5

“We experienced an unexpected death in the family. I made one phone call and with very minimal information needed from us they took care of every single detail while saving us money in the process..I would HIGHLY recommend Trey with Brent Taylor and Paul McCarver to take of you in the time of need...If you need to preplan your needs ask for Chris Thomas”

Author:Rhonda Vann rated with 5 stars of 5

“So grateful for Trey Britt and Chris Thomas! They took such great care of my mother and I with the arrangements for my father. They didn’t sell us “packages” or “extras”. They are SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive than other funeral homes in the area! I cannot thank them enough!!”

Author:Tiffany Moody rated with 5 stars of 5
Plan Ahead

Plan for the future, today

Pre-planning lets your loved ones focus on honoring life instead of hashing out details. Learn the choices you can make now, so a future funeral becomes more of a celebration than a burden.